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The Guinea Pig Series
by: trainor 11 Jun 2004
Guinea Pig

I remember it like it was just the other day. I think I can recall it so easily because of the emotional scar it left on me. I was sitting at a friends house, who we'll call Greg. He was one of those borderline criminally insane types from the neighborhood that often would come over to the Lab drink with us. Now everybody has a friend whom they say is 'crazy', but Greg was truly insane. Not the kind of kooky will do anything when he's drunk because he just don't give a fuck kinda crazy, but more like the 'has bodies buried under his house' kinda crazy.

He was at the ripe age of 38, a diabetic alcoholic, and severely manic depressive. He lived with his father, and the two of them drew SSI and washed the pain down with cheap beer and pills. His bedroom reminded me of every crime scene photo book I've seen, where it shows the killers childhood home. No paint on the walls, just random scribbling in red magic maker of racial slurs and meaningless nonsense. He had Jeffrey Dahmer newspaper clippings on his bulletin board, several traffic accident and fatality police blotter memorabilia saved as well. All of this would seem extremely overwhelming to someone who didn't know Greg, but he was honestly very safe, sincere, and genuine. Just had a few head issues that would never get sorted out.

One day Greg told us he had a snuff film, i.e.- an actual videotaped murder. This was very easy to believe given the massive amount of other hardcore video he owned. Very little of it was pornography, rather shock video, G.G Allen performances, and extraordinarily disturbing S&M flicks. None of us wanted to see it, and distinctly remember turning down the offer to view many times before while hanging out at Greg's. But one day, our morbid curiosity had finally gotten the best of us and no one could deny the underlying inquisitiveness we all possessed.

After drinking for a few hours and smoking a little grass, he puts in the tape. Our heightened state of awareness only intensified the tension as he pressed the play button.

Guinea PigIt appeared to be a sixth or seventh generation VHS copy, which only added to its bootlegged, subversive nature. The first scene begins with a heavily drugged woman slowly regaining consciousness to discover that she is bound and gagged, strapped to a table. In the background is the sound of a razor being dragged across a sharpening stone over and over again. The camera pans over to show a man dressed in a samurai suit honing the blade of a sickle. The bound woman's eyes grow wide as she awakens from her drug-induced slumber to realize where she is and what is about to happen to her. The samurai starts to move towards her, blade outstretched, she scrambles in a panic to get away with no avail...

This is where I asked for him to turn it off. The look in this woman's eyes was enough to satisfy my curiosity. I never saw him even make contact with her, but I knew that I didn't want to ever see it. Ever. The sheer panic in her eyes truly set me off, sending my thoughts into a frenzy that didn't subside for a week. The thought of picking up a random stranger off the street, drugging them, and taking them back to a remote location for the sole purpose of killing them slowly gave me nightmares. It left me constantly looking over my shoulders.

Greg later indicated that the tape was potentially a fake. I never wanted to review it again to look at in that aspect. Was what I was witnessing a sci-fi masterpiece of unparalleled proportions, or was this the ritualistic documentation of the ending of someone's life?

It wasn't until almost 10 years later that I discovered the video I had seen that day was in fact a fake. I was sent a few films from a friend thinking he would pique my interest in filmmaking, only to discover that I had seen this video before. The films have been distributed across Japan under the title Za Ginipiggu, or The Guinea Pig films.

Apparently Japanese artist Hideshi Hibino received an 18mm film reel, 50+ snapshots and a long letter in the mail sent by an anonymous fan. After viewing the content, Hibino discovers he is in possession of an authentic snuff film, and immediately turns over all the materials to the police, being the first documentation of a real snuff film ever made.

Guinea PigCollaborating with Satoru Ogura, an infamous producer and writer in Japan, the two decided to create a film series that could be heralded as the 'worst of the worst'. After watching the first film in the series, The Devil's Experiment, (which dealt with disturbingly similar subject matter) I started to recall the horrible footage I had seen at Greg's so many years ago. It didn't take long before I watched the second installment, Flower of Flesh and Blood, to put it all together. Sure enough, 2 minutes into the movie I knew I had seen this before. In retrospect, watching this film now it is pretty easy to determine that it is in fact a movie, and not a documentary. The production value of the dvd transfer was stunningly crisp, minus the choppy multiple generation noise of a VHS tape. Not everyone who saw the film was convinced that it was not authentic, including numbnut Charlie Sheen, who after seeing it alerted the FBI about the tapes, and launched a failed mission to get the production and distribution halted. Eventually the people behind the film released a 'making of' documentary to finally put all the rumors to rest.

So, with my story told, what does all this mean? Pretty much nothing. If you want to view the self proclaimed worst of the worst, then the Guinea Pig series if for you. It is shock and hardcore gore at its finest, a glimpse into the worst imaginable nightmare.

For more information on the Guinea Pig Series, check out their website.

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- Guinea Pig Flower of Flesh and Blood/Making of Guinea Pig Double Feature
DVD 26 November, 2002
- Guinea Pig Devils Experiment /Andriod of Notre Dame Double Feature
DVD 18 June, 2002
- Guinea Pig Mermaid in a Manhole/He Never Dies Double Feature
DVD 01 October, 2002

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