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The Lab Video Journal: Live Music, Highlights and Adventures in Idiocy.

Zipped for your convenience

Videos encoded in Windows Media Format. Get it for PC and Mac

**NOTE** if you have any issues with our LAB TV downloads please email us.
newest lab tv

EYEHATEGOD - Age of Bootcamp
A video for EHG's new single, produced by Smalltown Studios and Labproductions. Watch on YouTube.

Lab Productions Demo
LP DVD Demo Intro
We wanted to try and sum up what LP is all about. Think this is rather fitting.

 Watch It (16 MB)

Lab Productions Photo Gallery
LP Best Of Photogallery
Some of our favorite photos. Turn up the volume, soundtrack by Karma to Burn. See all these photos and more in the gallery.

 Watch It (13 MB)

Another Perspective
This is a video for Kill The Client's song, "MoneyWhore". It is one part nihilism, one part attention deficit syndrome, mixed with a random pervert's internet cache, and baked for 20 minutes in a fatman's armpit. For rectal use only. Potentially offensive to most people. NSF (18+) Submitted by Bluetick.

 Watch It (7.14 MB)

Lab Productions Lab TV Live Music

Richmond, VA's Avail kick out the jams with On The Nod, live at the Shim Sham in New Orleans.


Butthole Surfers
Butthole Surfers
Kickin out a few live jams from the epic records Hairway to Steven and Rembrandt Pussyhorse. An overload of sensory manipulation, from blinding lights to video footage to make you cry. It's about licking the shit off the floor; It's about being a Butthole Surfer.

Live at Tipitina's - Moving to Florida
 lo-fi (2.43 MB)
 hi-fi (7.56 MB)

Live at Tipitina's - John E Smokes
 lo-fi (3.98 MB)
 hi-fi (12.3 MB)

Live from the city of sin on the day of love. Flesh into Gear, New Orleans, 2.14.03. Great picture, but the sound was dicked up. So we 'enhanced' the audio...

CKY Live
 hi-fi (5.7 MB)

Dillinger Escape Plan
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Dillinger Escape Plan prove that fury and danger make for a damn good show. Live at the Shim Sham in New Orleans, LA.

The Dillinger Escape Plan live at the Shim Sham

Dälek Live
Unbelievable turntables, samples, beats and an MC like ya never seen before. The one and only Dalek live in Richmond VA at VCU.

 lo-fi (5.3 mb MB)
 hi-fi (10.2 mb MB)

David "Cappy" Capurro from the Jim Rose Circus.
The MASTER of the fucking Yo-Yo. This footage barely does this man justice. A truly incredible performer, proof that man can master his art. This shit will drop your jaw, and give you a new outlook on stringed toys. Guaranteed.

 lo-fi (4.8 MB)
 hi-fi (29 MB)

The Eagles of Death Metal
Eagles of Death Metal
The mighty Eagles of Death Metal, the nastiest devil worshippin', boot scootin', six gun shootin' trio of Rock and Roll today. A little teaser trailer for Kiss the Devil, concocted by your friends at LabTV. Revel in the glory that is EODM.

 lo-fi (4.5 MB)
 hi-fi (25 MB)

Hank III and Assjack
Hank III, doin it live. Witness the metamorphosis of Hank into Assjack, from mother of pearl snap together buttons on a wrangler shirt, to a wife beater, combat boots and a flying V. Magic.

Hank III
 lo-fi (4.88 MB)
 hi-fi (9.66 MB)

 lo-fi (2.28 MB)
 hi-fi (13.9 MB)

Karma To Burn
Karma To Burn
From The Vault, the now disbanded mighty Karma To Burn, live in Dallas, 10.04.01. A true American tragedy.

 lo-fi (3.34 MB)
 hi-fi (17.3 MB)

Live from the legendary Shim Sham Club in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Guitar rock at its finest. Sans Cosm Live

Sparta Live at the Shim Sham
 lo-fi (6.8 MB)
 hi-fi (12 MB)

From the The Ipecac Geek Tour. After an evening of Dälek and the Melvins, what better way to close out the night with an incredible set from Tomahawk. If ya look close during the performance of Bird Song, you can see yours truly crouched down in front of the stage snappin' pics. Takin' one for the team.

Capt. Midnight
 lo-fi (6.8 MB)
 hi-fi (12 MB)

Bird Song
 lo-fi (6.8 MB)
 hi-fi (12 MB)

Tomahawk in New Orleans opening for Tool. The Cajuns didn't approve of Patton calling them 'Coon Ass'. I thought it was hilarious. I have heard that trying to piss off the audience is a tour wide shtick, calling the crowd in West Virginia inbred rednecks. Long Live Tomahawk!

Tomahawk live at the Shim Sham
 lo-fi (1.74 MB)
 hi-fi (5.41 MB)

Scissorfight in New Orleans
The mighty Scissorfight, drunk in public, staggering down the street full of 120 proof poisons. Karaoke bars, titty bars, daiquiri bars. The New England squad takes on the French.

Recipe for Disaster
 lo-fi (2.4 MB)
 hi-fi (14.5 MB)

We were commissioned by Choleric to make them a video demo to pimp out. They sent us a stack of tapes. Here is the end result. Contact us about makin' videos for your band.

Choleric Video Demo
 lo-fi (6.34 MB)
 hi-fi (13.7 MB)

The most despicable act around. We loved every blood and puss filled second of pure filth and debauchery. Enjoy almost 5 full minutes of GWAR's putrescence and sleaze. Only the most quality shit, so says Oderus.

Gwar Live at the House of Blues
 lo-fi (2.8 MB)
 hi-fi (8.9 MB)

Tenacious D
The D
The D rockin' your fuckin' socks off in New Orleans. Six minutes of highlights, in full digital glory. Long live the D!

Live at the State Palace
 lo-fi (3.3 MB)
 hi-fi (20.8 MB)

Adventures in Texas
In Austin with S.O.A.D. & Clutch - Beers, Steers, and Queers
Our little road trip to Texas with Clutch and System of a Down. Good times had by all.

Beers, Steers, and Queers
 lo-fi (2.9 MB)
 hi-fi (15 MB)

Lab Productions LAB TV Adventures in Idiocy

Jack Factor - Or Fear Ass.
Sure, we know we are ripping off several already syndicated shows, but fuck it. In this episode, a deeper fascination with pickled pork is discovered, as well as a very non-efficient way of eating crustaceans, and of course, digestion of creepy crawly insects. Watch this, you wont be let down.

Jack Factor
 lo-fi (2.6 MB)
 hi-fi (15.7 MB)

Grimcity's Experimental Video.
Our homie Grim flexes his mad skillz in a short feature called LoudBlue Kung Fu. Enjoy it and soak it up for all its worth. In Flash.

LoudBlue Kung Fu
 In Flash

Guinea Pig I
Guinea Pig I - Pickeled Pig Lips
Our first experiment with disgusting swine products. Pickled Pig Lips. This must be some sort of Louisiana delicacy, because in all of my travels, I have never seen a nastier specimen of putrid pestilence passed off as "FOOD" in the world. The first time I saw these in a store, I knew they would be purchased and consumed at some point, by some unlucky soul...

Guinea Pig I
 lo-fi (2.8 MB)
 hi-fi (17.3 MB)

Fish Shake
Guinea Pig II - Pigs in Zen
Can't keep the pig lips down? Wash em down with booze! Ah, as sweet liquid courage flowed, the bravado kicked in, and we decided to give it another whirl. drunks

Guinea Pig II
 lo-fi (1.5 MB)
 hi-fi (9.1 MB)

Capig Sun
Capig Sun
Proving once and for all that there is more than zero uses for this pig product. Pruno takes the pork puke test again using a butcher knife and a straw. Why you ask? We're not sure.

Tonight, we say good bye to pickeled swine.

Capig Sun
 In Flash

Mardi Gras Madness | Beads, Booze and Boobs
Beads, Booze and Boobs
New Orleans is known for many things, violence, alcohol abuse, and probably most notoriously for Mardi Gras. We feel that one should experience this deviant trip into debauchery and nudity at least once in their lives. Especially if you enjoy nudity. That's about all there is to it. So, in honor of Mardi Gras, here is some booze and bare chested females. In the immortal words of Lee Ving: They come two to a package brother, some bigger, some smaller, but we aint never seen a pair we didn't like.

 lo-fi (4.4 MB)
 hi-fi (13.2 MB)

Fish Shake
Fish Shake - Yum.
After all the filthy swine by-products had been consumed, we looked around our home for other disturbing delicacies that could be found. No such luck. So we went to the store, the sole purpose to find the most rancid shit to be eaten... creamy smooth from a blender. The infamous Lab Protein Shake.

Fish Shake
 lo-fi (3.7 MB)
 hi-fi (21.5 MB)

Fun with Guns I
Fun with Guns I
What to do with a full body mannequin, several hair stylin' doll heads, 100 proof wild turkey and assault weapons? Why shoot them to pieces, of course. Instead of Fun with Guns, this should be titled : 'Tools of Destruction'. It was quite fun, however. The Homeland Security Squad in full redneck effect.

Fun with Guns I
 lo-fi (4 MB)
 hi-fi (7.8 MB)

Fun with Guns II
Fun with Guns II
The new fad in paramilitary shenanigans. THE BLOODPOD. Hollowed pumpkins intricately outfitted with little bags of red paint, to splatter profusely upon impact. There are hot chicks with guns in there, too. A must see.

Fun with Guns II
 lo-fi (7 MB)
 hi-fi (12.8 MB)

Fun with Guns III
Fun with Guns III
This is the condensed version of the much heralded third installment of the Guns series. The original footage looked too much like some kind of militia training video, when in fact it was just a coupla rednecks with video cameras in camo playing G.I. Joe. In Part III, we accidentally discover that paint cans make excellent exploding incindiary fireworks.

Fun with Guns III
 lo-fi (5 MB)
 hi-fi (10 MB)