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From the Bin

Tool | Aenima
THX 1138 | George Lucas
The Story Machine | the REAL story behind the Story Machine.
The Grave | Cable TV at it's finest.
Kentucky Fried Movie | This movie is totally out of control.
My Bloody Valentine | Loveless
The Tea Party | Interzone-Mantras
Men Behind The Sun | Brutality on Film
Jane's Addiction | Nothing's Shocking
Heat | Life Imitates Art
STP | Purple
The Dwarves | Blood Guts & Pussy
Atari Teenage Riot | Burn, Berlin, Burn! - 1998
Dinosaur Jr | You're Living All Over Me
The Alkaline Trio | Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Acid Bath | When the Kite String Pops
Pavement | Wowee Zowee
blur | Self-Titled
Misfits | If you don't know the name of this song...
Hum | Downward Is Heavenward
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