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Lab Productions interviews

Cave In
by: jay 21 Apr 2002
Cave In

To quote The Noise, a Boston based magazine, "Cave In not only should be the next 'big thing', it needs to be." With swirling mood stricken music and openly evocative lyrics, the band has created a sonic landscape all of their own. The Boston band, consisting of Stephen Brodsky (vocals/guitar), John-Robert Conners (drums), Adam Mcgrath (guitar), and Caleb Schofield (bass), recently made the switch from the Boston label Hydrahead to the the majors on RCA records. With any luck, the transition will allow more of the masses to hear what is arguably one of the most amazing bands playing today. I caught up with the band before rehearsal, a few weeks before they started getting ready to head off to Europe.

Jay: You strike me as a band that desires a lot, if not total, creative control over their music. Was their much trepidation moving from Hyrdrahead to RCA?

Cave InStephen Brodsky: Yeah, for me especially, that was one of my big things. We're all pretty rooted in underground music, so we didn?t really have the faintest idea of how corporate music really operated. We didn't start learning this stuff until we started playing the whole major label game. A record like Jupiter, the songs can pretty much be whatever they want at any time, there's no specific pop formula, except for maybe like Brain Candle. So, we definitely wanted to preserve that when seeking out other places to be. What was pretty interesting was that the guy who signed us really liked a song called Sea Frost, it's a brand new song. it's pretty strange for a Cave In song, probably what I would least expect a top A & R guy type person to be initially attracted to the band.

Jay: How far into the writing process are you for the upcoming RCA release?

SB: Well, we're way ahead of them, we're all ready to go! it's everybody else that seems to be causing the delay.

With the new album coming out on a major label, how do you feel about the band getting more of a push, and some of your songs possibly ending up on the radio next to bands you may not be into so much?

Caleb Schofield: I think that idea kind of excites us in a way, at least people will have the chance to listen to something different. Even if one our songs ends up on radio next to the crap that's on there now, I see it as a good thing generally. It gives us the means to expand out, and people the option to listen.

SB: The thing that people will have the option to hear something different and decide for themselves whether they like it or not. I don't think our sound is so unique, or in it's own right, that it couldn't garner a more universal appeal. Not that that's what we're striving for. Our goal is to just make the best songs we can. From an outside prospective though, it doesn't seem like such a hurdle to try and reach out to more people.

Jay: Does the new material continue in the same vein as Jupiter and the last two song single?

CS: I don't think the songs stray too much, a lot of it seems more straightforward now. I think the songs focus around the vocal melody more than they have before, especially the two songs on the single, because they were initially intended for the record.

Jay: I had heard there was a possibility of sliding in another single or EP on Hyrdrahead before the RCA record hits, any truth to this?

SB: That's kind of the cool thing about our situation with the new group of people that we are working with, they're not trying to uproot a plant out of the ground or anything. We're still able to work with a bunch of the same people, such as Hydrahead, which is really cool. it's almost too bad we couldn't put out our new album with them now, because they would have it out in a few months (laughs). I think we're going to try and release an EP, that's a little longer than the last single, with some songs that are purposely a little more geared towards, maybe a stranger kind of Cave In.

Jay: I know you are off to Europe in May, any chance you might try and sneak in some gigs around Boston before or after, or will you be writing/recording the new record?

Adam Mcgrath: It doesn't look like it (laughs). As for as writing, we're all pretty much done. We go to Europe for two weeks in May, and record our record in June, probably all the way into July. I think we'll have maybe a couple weeks off in July. August we head to Japan, with Europe and the Reading Festival happening somewhere in there. Then it's back to the US.

SB: Between when we leave in May and the end of July, we're probably not even going to come home.

Jay: In your Bio you mention a bunch of bands that you're into, such as Scissorfight and Burning Brides. Anything new that has caught your ear recently?

AM: I really like that new Twenty-Seven record, they're one of Boston's best kept secrets, they're great.

SB: Nick, the drummer from Cracktorch, just mastered a project he is doing with his girlfriend. It has a very big band sound to it. His girlfriend is an amazing singer, totally Ella Fitzgerald style, over this totally weird, electronic, fucked up jazz.

Jay: Any particular places, or clubs, that you really enjoy playing?

John-Robert Conners: Salt Lake City, Utah. (laughs)

SB: Where kids brought knives and brass knuckles to the shows?

CS: We always have a lot of fun on the West Coast. Colorado and New York City are always awesome.

SB: it's cool about New York City too. You would think that a place so that is so overrun with an abundance of art and music, that people would be desensitized to being excited about new music. Most of the time when we play Europe it's pretty cool as well.

Jay: What bands would you like to take out or play with on the next tour?

CS: We did a couple of dates with the Burning Brides, that's always cool.

AM: We dig playing with Scissorfight.

JRC: We've done a lot of stuff with the Cancer Conspiracy.

AM: I know when we've been playing these weekend shows out of town, we generally try and help bands that we like that may be having a hard time getting shows outside of the Boston area.

For more information on Cave In, visit their website at:

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