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You Rate It

Periodically we will present bands we deem worthy of mentioning. Here is where you get your chance to influence the music world!

Would you like to have your band featured here, let us know.

you rate it archives

Way Down East
With Paul Wilson's gritty and undeniable vocals matched with his 70's vibe guitar playing, add a little hard groove from Charlie Harr a pinch of Randy Keefer on Bass stir well, and add a beat from Randy Wilson then you got Way Down East.

Get ready cause the ship has landed....Way Down East.


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From the thriving metropolis of Chattanooga, TN comes an abrasive
yet melodic power trio reminiscent of D.C. style noise like Hoover.
Specs: stage mass = 0.505 metric tons, total rolling mass = 2.230 metric tons.

Tennessee power trio flail through songs brimming with authentic frustration, genuine aggression and blood-boiling tension. Frantic vocals, anxious guitars and a tough-as-nails rhythm section.


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Muscle bound bruising stomp-metal confrontation - think in-your-face Pantera/Rage Against The Machine with a festeringly raw and seeping edge of it's own. Undertones of sludge in those Raging Speedhorn stabs and thrusts. Brutal riffs, growling hardcore vocals, mean nasty furious raw nerve metal and when you think you've got them pinned down an outbreak of restrained reflective melody and almost old school hard rock guitar with the last of three tracks (until it starts growling and regurgitating and stomps all over you again that is).... Fault Line are from London, they're good.


You Rated: 2 out of 5
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Wormwood Earth
Despite America's modish culture, Wormwood Earth come surging to the top through the adversities of sell-outs and sound-alikes in today's music environment. Based in Northeast Tennessee, the band has survived for years in an unforgiving metal music scene and have proven that they truly have what it takes.


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From Nottingham just cant gig enough..we want more!! A twisted world of full on, hook laden, dark and deep tunes, heavy rhythm and boogie blues. We are a cross between Fu Manchu and Little Feet with our own unique twist. Huge passion for playing live, if you empathise with us and wanna rock..give us a shout.

For the love of live music we will play anywhere, anytime, anyplace..and we rock! So come on bands, promoters, venues and fans help keep the music scene alive.


You Rated: 5 out of 5
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