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2/27/2006 - interview by JP

Randy "Macho Man" Savage came to fame in the eighties as one of the top superstars of the World Wrestling Federation. Tearing opponents apart with his turned-up-to-ten persona and strained neck ranting trash talk, Macho Man was a hit with all fans of the sport. He soon parlayed his antic personae into television via the Slim Jim franchise spouting out his iconic "Oh yeah!" and spitting out the frenzied "Snap into a Slim Jim!" with all of the muster of runaway freight train. Now Macho Man cranks it up a notch higher with the release of his album. A rap album. You heard right, Macho Man is throwing down with the thugs in the way only a Macho Man can. Oh Yeah!

LP: So your new album "Be a Man" is this a legitimate leap into the rap world or is this an attempt to get your nemesis Hulk Hogan?

Macho Man: 100%, I'm in the music industry. I'm loving the music and I'm not taking myself real seriously at the same time I'm not saying I'm the greatest rapper in the world but what I'm doing is definitely expressing myself to my wrestling (wraslin' in the south) fans and in music. 'cause music has influenced me all my life, I love music. I was a rock and roller growing up. I defiantly can't sing, ya know what I mean. So when rap and hip hop came around, I definitely fell in love with it and used it for getting by blood going for workouts and raising the bar on myself types of situation there, but at the same time with my crew of rascals and the big three records we were doing it anyway and decided that, that yeah we wanted to make it official that he is a wuss (Hulk Hogan).

LP: I have a question from one of our subscribers, He asks "When and where do you think you'll finally whip Hulk Hogan's ass one last time because they want to purchase tickets and need to know in advance."

MM: Well the no brainer would be Wrestlemania 20, that would be cool, but I'm willing to go anywhere and do it for any way, you know what I mean? Just that he didn't want to do it for charity a few years ago for the Children's Hospital and I can't even believe that. I was in shock. This guy is so pathetic. He just runs his mouth but at the same time he never backs it up. People gotta realize what kinda dude we are dealing with here. We aren't dealing with a man, ya know what I mean. We are dealing with a total punk. So a couple of years ago, I'd thought I boxed him in and challenged him with all the money going to a Children's Hospital and if he didn't accept the challenge in two weeks I was going to give ten thousand dollars, but it was nothing compared to what the pay per view money would have been or the merchandising. It would have been millions and millions of dollars. But he came up with a thousand and one reasons why not to fight me and one was that I was looking for a write off (tax) at the end of the year. And that was the most pathetic reason in the world. So when I gave the ten thousand dollars to the kids I put it in the Hulk Hogan coward fund so he could take the write off. So here we are a couple of years later and I was going to do the music project anyway. That was my debut CD in stores now and on, but we are writing and coming out with the beat for the second CD. So I'm definitely in this thing for forever and a day. The one reason that I'm in it is to express myself to wrestling fans but at the same time, one song and one song only is dedicated to punking out Hogan.

LP: While you are at Voodoo are we going to get a chance to see you live, if not when and where?

MM: I have one live concert in Treasure Island, Florida, payback to the victory record people and I just can't wait to go live again. I got such a rush. It was incredible. Comparable to the rush I had at Wrestlemania 3 when there were ninety three thousand plus people in the Pontiac Silverdome. I have a variety of songs on there. Even a love song on there, but that's not to Hulk Hogan. He gets a hate song

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